Bearded Dad Gently Lulls Baby To Sleep Playing Piano

"A beard, a baby, and bedtime."


One dad, with a YouTube account titled BeardedPiano, has a special way of putting his baby Sam to sleep — playing lullabies on the keyboard while holding Sam in a BabyBjörn. After being posted to Reddit with the caption "A beard, a baby, and bedtime," BeadedPiano's video is making the rounds on the Internet, capturing the hearts of thousands of viewers. And the video is both soothing to listen to, and adorable to watch as you see baby Sam slowly nod off to sleep. 

In his video description, BeadedPiano writes: 

"Brahms 'Lullaby' has always been a favorite of mine. So when last night baby Sam was having a difficult time sleeping due to an earache [sic], I thought I'd take an impromptu attempt at playing Brahms 'Lullaby' to see if he would fall asleep. Here was the result ..." 


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