Genius New App Lets Sighted Help Blind People See

Acts of kindness at the push of a button.

Living without sight can be an everyday battle. But this brilliant new innovation helps people with visual impairments go about their lives more easily.


Danish nonprofit start-up "Be My Eyes" created an iOS app that connects blind people with sighted volunteers.

"It only takes a minute to choose the right tin can from the shelf, look at the expiration date on the milk or find the right thing to eat in the fridge. If you have full vision, that is. For visually impaired individuals smaller tasks in their home can often become bigger challenges," Be My Eyes wrote in its press release.

Danish furniture craftsman Hans Jørgen Wiberg first came up with the idea. He started losing his vision at the age of 25.

According to the company's press release, the goal of this app is to make "the everyday life of blind people easier" and create a new opportunity for the volunteers to easily perform acts of kindness every day. 

"It is flexible, takes only a few minutes to help and the app is therefore a good opportunity for the busy, modern individual with the energy to help others," says inventor Wiberg

Use of the app is made possible in part by a gesture-based screen reader called VoiceOver that enables people with vision impairments to use their smartphones without seeing the screen.

The principle of the app is simple: After a blind person request assistance, the registered volunteer helper receives a notification.

Both ends are then connected via a live video chat, where the volunteer can help the blind person with any question they might have.

Take a look at this video to find out more:

"Be My Eyes" is a nonprofit organization, so if you are willing to support the cause, visit this website to make a donation. To find out more about their innovation, follow "Be My Eyes" on Facebook and Twitter. To download the app right away, go to the iTunes App Store.

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