She Travelled More Than 1,700 Miles, And Nobody Really Knows Why

Could you have taken this trip?

Nobody knew why she left. But there she was, her and her four camels, walking the Australian outback.

Robyn Davidson was a 27-year-old woman who, in 1977, asked National Geographic to help fund a 1,700 mile journey across the outback from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean. 

During her trip, she faced life-and-death situations and challenges of solitude that are unimaginable to most us. 

She was visited just five times by National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan.

"Even though Robyn had spent two years preparing, the outback had many ways of testing even the most capable traveller," Smolan told the BBC. "She was attacked by wild camels, took paths that led to dead ends, got lost, arrived at wells that were dry and almost died of dehydration. Every time I left her out there, I worried that I might never see her again."

Thanks to the BBC World Service, we're able to share with you a look at the amazing story Davidson chronicled in her memoir Tracks.


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