Brave Photographer Ditches Drones, Hangs From Helicopters Instead

Now THAT'S how you capture a photo.

Ask a drone owner why they bought one, and they are likely to respond with something about videos or photography.

The popular solution to getting beautiful aerial footage is a good one, but it's got nothing on the work of Tommy Clarke.

Clarke, a British photographer, saved money to find a willing pilot to take him on an adventure for that "perfect shot." Why the pilot? 


Because Clarke would be hanging from a helicopter to get the picture he wanted.

That's right: the daredevil photographer opted for the "old fashioned" drone, a helicopter and nerves of steel. He's captured everything from the beautiful salt flats of California and Utah to the wild beaches and unpredictable waves on shores all over the country.

And through it all, Clarke is hanging off a helicopter to get his photos.

And the pictures are almost too good to be true.



And even the salt flats...

Listen to Clarke tell BBC how it all came to be:

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