'Batkid Begins' Documents The Incredible Story Of A Boy With Leukemia Living His Dream

Feeling all the feels right now.

Remember the time when this little fella, now famously known as Batkid, stole everyone's hearts with his story? Well, he's at it again.


Miles Scott was diagnosed with leukemia when he was only 18-months-old. Growing up, he always enjoyed watching the Adam West "Batman" series on TV and believed he was kind of a superhero himself, fighting against a villain called cancer.

When Miles was five and on his way to recovery, his parents reached out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and asked for help making their son's dream come true.

Miles wanted to be the real Batman, even if was just for a day.

His wish was granted, but its outcome was better than anyone could have expected. Millions were captivated by Miles' story, including international media outlets, famous actors, and even President Obama.

For one day, November 15, 2013, San Francisco turned into Gotham City. Make-A-Wish prepared a series of scenarios where Miles Scott, aka the Batkid, had to "save" innocent civilians and put bad guys to jail. Everything was packed with action and fun. The onlookers were holding up posters in support of Miles' mission to save the day.

But the story doesn't end here.

Today, Warner Bros. Pictures released the official trailer of the movie based on his experience. "Batkid Begins" captures the insanity of the phenomenon that united and inspired so many people worldwide.

The documentary premieres in select theatres on June 26 and will expand nationwide throughout July. 

"Batkid Begins" not only features Miles' adventures that special day he was Batkid, but also includes interviews with Make-A-Wish's representatives, executives at Twitter and Apple, and Scott's parents. So without further adieu...

Watch the full movie trailer below. (Pro tip: get a tissue ready to wipe off your tears.)

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