7 Bathroom Hacks To Make Your Daily Routine A Whole Lot Easier

A wine rack comes in real handy.

Did you ever think to use a wine rack in your bathroom? What about a spice rack to store things other than spices?

In a recent video for BuzzFeed, we get to see seven clever bathroom hacks that can help make our day-to-day lives a little bit easier. From organization tricks, to ways to avoid ironing and frizzy hair, the simple video is full of inspiring ideas.

For instance, BuzzFeed reminds us that a spice rack can be used to neatly organize all of your makeup and hair products, instantly de-cluttering your space. And as Psychology Today points out, clutter can cause stress in our lives, and no one wants more of that. 

So without further ado, check out that hack and more below:


1. Use a spice rack as an organizer.

2. Use a shoe holder for storage.

3. A spare shower rack is perfect for your bath products.

4. A wine rack keeps all your towels together.

5. Eliminate wrinkles with steam from your shower.

6. Use a T-shirt to avoid frizzy hair.

7. Paint cans with clear nail polish to keep them from rusting.

Learn more about how to accomplish these hacks in the video below:


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