Carers Made Baby Bat Burritos To Help Save These Orphans' Lives

The cutest burritos you ever did see

In Australia, there exists a magical place called the Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Center. 

Their mission is "to provide medical care to all species of sick, injured and orphaned bats. To create an environment that educates and inspires the general public to accept bats and other native fauna as part of our lives." 

So when some baby flying foxes lost their mother due to an extreme heat event, the bat clinic was naturally there to rehabilitate the orphans until they could be released back in to the wild.  


Because baby bats form strong bonds with their mothers, they can experience trauma when separated. 

So it was important for their carers to make them feel comfortable and give them lots of affection. 

And give them little blankies to keep them warm, and little suckers that remind them of their mother's teat to comfort them.

Then their carers wrapped them up all nice and tight to give them a sense of security. 

And lined them up all in a row... 

To make them look like little bat burritos. 

Because, why not? 

See the whole wrapping process in the video below: 

According to Animals Australia flying foxes help keep the ecosystems healthy through pollination and dispersal, but these animals are at risk due to habitat loss, heat events, starvation and camp disturbance. 

To take action and help these vulnerable animals, visit Animals Australia. 

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