He Pours Salt On The Table... But What Happens Next Is Amazing


Bashir Sultani is a Afghan artist from Canada.


Although he works with many mediums, Sultani is best known for his YouTube videos where he takes salt — yes, ordinary table salt — and uses it to create incredible pieces of art. 

Watch what he does here.

Stephen Sondheim once said that "Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos."

Whether using salt and a tabletop, acrylics and a blank canvas, or even the still, silent aether and your own voice, all art brings forth something from the unformed chaos of nothing.

Watching Sultani create, find order, and organize randomness into something beautiful is an undeniable testament to that truth and a glimpse at the spirit of creation itself.

You may find more of Sultani's art on his Instagram page and YouTube channel. He is also on Facebook.

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