This Model Went Back To Her High School To Encourage Students To Be Proud Of Their Bodies And Ignore The Haters

"It's a mindset where you're like, 'I'm gonna wear this and I like it.'"

In another episode of Barbie Ferreira's Body Party with Teen Vogue — a series in which young women celebrate —  the model heads back to her high school to talk to current students about being body positive.

Sitting together, Ferreira asks the young women questions that lead to a discussion about social media influences, dressing for their bodies, and why it's important to actively empower ourselves.

One of the participants says she's often been told how to dress for her particular body type, and that has made her feel insecure. For example, she's heard that since her "arms are bigger," she "shouldn't show them."

To which Ferreira replies:


"It's a mindset where you're like, 'I'm gonna wear this and I like it. I'm not gonna think about if I look thinner or bigger in this outfit ... I'm gonna think about if I feel comfortable in it, if I like it, if I enjoy it, if I think it's cool.' "

It's an awesome sentiment that even encourages the speaker to shed her sweater and show off her arms. 

For this, and more body positivity, check out the full video below:


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