Barber Who Got On The Floor To Cut A Little Boy's Hair Is Being Called An 'Everyday Hero'

"He welcomes him like a best friend."

Being a good barber isn't always just about cutting hair well. It can also be about adapting to each client's specific needs and circumstances. One barber named Francis "Franz" Jacob is proving why that can be so important in a viral photo shared on Imgur

In the photo, Franz, 45, is seen cutting the hair of Wyatt Lafrenière, a 6-year-old client who has autism. Lafrenière's mother, Fauve, stated that other hairdressers would "sort of panic" when Wyatt would arrive as he is hypersensitive. Having his hair touched can sometimes be unbearable.

Franz, who works at Authentischen Barbier, a vintage barbershop located in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada, understands there are certain things he can do to make Wyatt feel more comfortable. One of his methods, as seen in the photo below, is to get on the floor with the little boy. 


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Franz has multiple clients with special needs and adapts his haircutting regimen to each of them. "I lock the front door. It has to stay quiet," Franz old CBC News. He added that he typically spends more than an hour with the customers. With Wyatt, he knows he has to follow him around to be able to finish the cut, which is why he has switched to wireless clippers.

"Each [client] has different needs and reactions, so each time it's about adjusting to the client," he told the National Post

Wyatt's mom praised Franz and called him an "everyday hero." She explained, "He welcomes [Wyatt] like his best friend. To see that he accepts these differences is just fantastic."

People raising children on the autism spectrum are sharing their stories and comments on Imgur. One wrote, "As someone who is helping raise a young child with autism, this warms my heart to see." Another said, "My son is autistic and getting his hair cut was extremely difficult. Found a barber that was very patient with him. No problems now."

Franz isn't the only hairdresser to catch our attention for being extra attentive to his clients. One hairdresser went viral for helping a teen with severe depression with a multi-day haircut. We've also seen stories of hairstylists get on their floor to adapt to the needs of their clients on the autism spectrum. It's everyday heroes like these people that make the world a better place.

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