Not All Heroes Wear Capes — Some Make Them For Kids Who Need Inspiration Instead

"This cape is more than just a cape ... they turn into a superhero."

Not all heroes wear capes — some just make them. Barbara Casados is the founder of Capes4Heroes, a web-based nonprofit that provides capes to children "that are battling a disability or life struggle" and, as a result, has given out more than 25,000 capes.


Casados and Capes4Heroes is the subject of a 60 Second Docs installment — sponsored by Fox's new series The Gifted, which is a show inspired by the X-Men comics. In the clip, Casados explains why this simple act can mean so much to children who could use a little pick-me-up.

"This cape is more than just a cape for these children. They turn into a superhero," Casados said. "The cape says you're special. It gives them an imagination. All of a sudden there's no disability, there's no obstacle. You can just see the change in them."

Casados said the inspiration behind this initiative was the fact that her 2-year-old son, Maddox (who has autism), wouldn't get dressed in the morning without a superhero cape. After noticing the positive impact it had, a parent of one of Maddox's classmates asked Casados to make a cape for their child, too. With that nudge, Casados has been changing the lives of children ever since.

"The amazing volunteers that spend countless hours and hard work and love in making these capes are my family," Casados said. "My family [also] consists of the thousands of children that we've given capes to and they have shown me that you are a superhero when you do more than what you think you can do."

Watch the 60 Second Docs episode featuring Barbara Casados of Capes4Heroes here:


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