Think You Have An Excuse For Not Voting? Obama Has A Response For You.

"You have the chance to change the face of politics."

If you're not planning to vote in November's midterm elections, former President Barack Obama has something to say to you in a new video from ATTN. In the clip, he responds to a few common excuses people give for not casting a ballot — from not caring about politics to not having time.

As for not caring about politics, Obama has a reminder for you: "I don't care about Pokémon, but that doesn't mean it won't keep on coming back." He added that many politicians are actually hoping people will "check out," allowing other people to "fill that void." And as for not having time, he made sure to point out that you can fill out an absentee ballot in every state, and vote early in 37 states.


Obama also addressed the complaint that people can't relate to candidates, pointing out how many women, LGBTQ people, and first-time candidates are running this year. "This year, more than any other year, you have the chance to change the face of politics, so that it looks more like your own," he said.

And if you think your vote doesn't matter, Obama is here to remind you that the 2016 presidential election "turned on 100,000 votes in three states," adding, "More people go to Coachella." So if you think your vote for Dancing With the Stars matters, you have no excuse not to use your voice at the polls.

Check out all of Obama's responses in the video below:

(H/T: The Hill)

Cover image: Evan El-Amin /


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