Barack Obama Welcomes Students Back To School With A Surprise Visit

“You guys don’t mind me crashing, right?”

Barack Obama headed back to school Friday to surprise students at a Washington, D.C. high school on their first day of school. The former president walked into a classroom at McKinley Technology High with a casual "Hey, how's it going everybody?" to audible gasps and then took a place in the circle in which about two dozen students were seated. 

Obama stopped by the school to talk with the students about "their life goals, pursuing higher education and giving back to their communities." The District of Columbia Public Schools Chancellor accompanied him. 

"President Obama is focused on supporting the next generation of leaders," said spokesperson Keith Schiller told The Hill in an official statement. "Today's meeting is part of that ongoing conversation with young people."

A video of the meeting was later posted to Barack Obama's Instagram. In it, he tells the students:

One of the things that I did throughout my presidency was I'd meet with groups of young people everywhere I went, whether it was here in the United States, or when I was traveling overseas just to kind of hear from them, find out what they're interested in, because I do believe that most of the problems that we have are going to be solved by you.

In the months after his presidency, Obama and his family took a few months away from the public spotlight. Since then, Obama has rarely made a public appearance, but has occasionally added to the conversation about recent issues, including a tweet in response to the violence in Charlottesville that became the most-liked tweet ever

"To all the young people headed back to school around the country: Make us proud," the caption on his Instagram post reads. "You're the next generation of leaders, and we need you."


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