The Internet Is In Love With This Baby's Selfie With Barack Obama

“Who is this pretty girl?”

A mom and her 6-month-old baby brought a little bit of adorableness to the Internet this week after snapping a sweet selfie with Barack Obama when she ran into the politician at the airport.

Jolene Jackinsky was waiting with her daughter Giselle in the private flights area of the Anchorage International Airport on Monday when she saw someone who looked strangely similar to former president Barack Obama. 


Jackinsky told the Associated Press that when she got closer, she realized it was actually former president Barack Obama, but before she had time to be starstruck, Obama approached her to ask about Giselle.

"Who is this pretty girl?" he reportedly asked. 

The two spent a few minutes talking about being parents while Obama held baby Giselle. Obama, on his way back from a vacation in Indonesia, joked to Giselle's dad that he was going to take her with him before snapping a few photos with the family. 

The photos quickly went viral after Jackinsky posted them to her Facebook account with many users having flashbacks to the popular #ObamaandKids that took the Internet by storm before Obama left office in January. 

"It was unreal and very exciting," Jackinsky told CNN. "After I met him I couldn't believe I actually talked to him and he held my baby."


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