Barack Obama And Joe Biden Reunited For Lunch, And They Picked The Perfect Place

"It was really just such an uplifting moment for everybody."

Those who have missed witnessing the friendship between former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will be happy to know that the pair had lunch together on Monday — and they picked the perfect restaurant.

Obama and Biden chose to visit Dog Tag Bakery in Washington, D.C. According to ABC News, the restaurant is part of a program which partners with Georgetown University to give service-disabled veterans and their families business education and experience.

The organization's chief executive Meghan Ogilvie told the Washington Post that Obama and Biden met all 13 of the nonprofit's fellows while they were there. "They shook every fellow's hand, hugged them and listened to their stories. It was just a phenomenal scene," she said.

When they ordered, Obama reportedly joked, "Joe's paying." They greeted the crowd, which had gathered outside after they ate, and were spotted taking a selfie together as they carried to-go bags.

"It was really just such an uplifting moment for everybody," Ogilvie shared of the experience.

For many, the close bond between Obama and Biden was a highlight of the pair's time in office. Before leaving the White House, Obama presented Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom with honors, calling him "the best vice president America's ever had."

Last year, Obama's Chief of Staff Anita Decker Breckenridge revealed that the two are still friends after leaving office. "The bromance continues," she said, adding that the two had even been playing golf together.

After this latest meeting, we'll be waiting for the memes to start rolling in

Cover image: Samir Hussein / WireImage / Getty Images


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