Barack Obama Interviews David Attenborough On Climate Change, Flipping The Questions For Once

Guy isn't too bad on the other side of an interview.

President Obama has been grilled left and right over every issue imaginable throughout his presidency, and for good reason, considering he's the leader of the free world. He's probably wondered here and there what it would be like to be on the other side of the microphone, though, if not to needle back, just to take a little of the pressure off his own shoulders. That chance came about this May apparently, when Obama interviewed naturalist David Attenborough on climate change at the White House.

The interview will be broadcast simultaneously in the UK and U.S. on BBC One and BBC America this Sunday, June 28, and features the President appreciating Attenborough for being a "great educator as well as a great naturalist" before diving into the meaty questions about taking care of the Earth. Attenborough is best known as the narrator of BBC's documentary series Planet Earth, which he also helped write. For a couple years in the late aughts, it can be argued that there was no more soothing voice on this blue planet to put you to sleep.

Although the conversation mainly saw Obama asking the questions, Attenborough did come back with a challenge, asking why he hasn't shown a commitment to tackling climate change similar to how past presidents have sought to put people on the moon. Ever the shifty orator, Obama says in the preview video, "If just one country is doing the right thing but other countries are not, then we're not going to solve the problem, we're going to have to have a global solution to this."

If you put this in the context of his recent speech on the Supreme Court's same-sex ruling, shutdown of a heckler at an LGBT event and passionate words on race relations in an interview with Marc Maron, Obama is on quite the tear lately. You go, Barry.


Check the preview video out for yourself here:

Cover image: BBC via The Guardian


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