Barack Obama Joins Jimmy Kimmel To Share The Powerful Impact Of The Fight Against AIDS

He has some "genuinely good news" to share.

Ahead of World AIDS Day this Friday, Jimmy Kimmel hosted his third annual (RED) Show, featuring appearances from celebrities helping to raise money and awareness for Bono's charity and the fight against HIV/AIDS. The episode also included a special message from former President Barack Obama.

Obama was happy to share some "genuinely good news" in the midst of a cynical news cycle. "For the first time in history, more than half of all people living with the virus are on lifesaving medication," he explained. "Since the peak of the virus, AIDS-related deaths have been cut in half." Additionally, Obama shared, more than 20 million people around the world are on antiretroviral drugs for the disease.


Obama went on to stress that these accomplishments are the result of hardworking activists, politicians, doctors, and others who have made a difference over the years. He encouraged those watching to "reject cynicism and pessimism in favor of a relentless optimism," and join the fight against AIDS.

In exchange for our commitment, Obama made a few interesting offers — and showed he hasn't lost his sense of humor since leaving office. "You can pilot Air Force One for a day," he declared before someone off camera shut down the idea. So he went for an alien-related incentive. That one might not happen either, but fortunately, he already made a pretty compelling case without it.

Watch President Obama's message in the video below:

And see more celebrity guest appearances here:


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