Barack And Michelle Obama Celebrate 26 Years Of Marriage With Messages Of Love

"Each day I’m with you, I’m reminded of what a treasure you truly are to us all."

A big happy anniversary goes out to Barack and Michelle Obama, who celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary on October 3. To commemorate the occasion, the former president and first lady both shared loving messages on social media.

Barack shared a message on Twitter about their lives together, and included a photo of Michelle looking out a window.


Michelle's response was equally sentimental, and she thanked her husband for being a "treasure." 

Many Twitter users from around the world used the opportunity to wish the couple a happy anniversary, to thank them for their time at the White House, and for being role models when it comes to showing what true love and a good marriage looks like.

For the couple's milestone 25th wedding anniversary in 2017, Michelle posted a tribute to her husband on social media. Barack then surprised her with a touching video, which reflected on their quarter century together.

Over the years, the pair has revealed details about their wedding and relationship on social media. For instance, PEOPLE reported that in May 2018 the former first lady shared a photo from their wedding day and revealed that Barack woke up with a cold that morning.

And the discussions of romance don't end at their relationship. Obama recently shared his relationship advice for a book. In September, Michelle officiated a wedding. There are also many examples of the couple reaching out to people. For example, they sent a note to a woman who invited them to her wedding and gave the sweetest response to a LGBTQ+ wedding invite.

It's clear the Obamas have a lot of love for each other and even more to share with the world. 

Cover image via K2 images / Shutterstock


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