Just By Breathing Inside This Bar, You'll Get Drunk 40 Percent Quicker Than Normal

Breathe responsibly.

Alcoholic Architecture is a pop-up bar in London's Borough Market created by Bombas & Parr, an architecture firm (hence the name) intent on getting to the point — in this case, by getting drunk faster than normal.

In addition to the bar's relatively standard slate of drinks, Alcoholic Architecture offers a decidedly unique signature "drink" that patrons simply breathe in: aerosolized cocktails. The 1-to-3 ratio of spirits to mixers varies such that you might be swimming inside a gin and tonic on one night and something totally different on another, but regardless, visitors are required to don protective suits before walking into the gas.


Cool, but doesn't it sound uncomfortable and dangerous, and a way to pass out in less than 20 minutes?

Possibly. Apparently the vapor gets you drunk 40 percent quicker than regular drinking does, but it also contains 40 percent less calories. The real point is just to try something new, though.

"Picasso once said that good taste is the enemy of creativity," says Nick Bombas. "We love bad taste. It is very playful and polarizing. So with this we are really plumbing the depths. In many ways we are creating a modern version of a tiki bar. Through creating this faux fantasy land we give adults license to play in ways which they might not otherwise have."

Breathe away, you hazmat-suit-wearing drunks.

Check out a full video of the experience below:


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