New Banksy Work Brings Awareness to Plight Of Migrants

Banksy does it, again.

As the migrant crisis in Europe intensifies, the latest mural from world-renowned graffiti artist Banksy is shedding light on the events in France so the world will pay attention, reports Time magazine. 

The situation escalated in 2015 in the refugee camp in the French town of Calais. French police used teargas against 200 migrants as they tried to cross the underground Eurotunnel into Britain. A few of the migrants who successfully escaped were killed while catching the train.

The migrant camp in Calais, nicknamed the "Jungle," was recently closed and bulldozed by the French government, according to BBC News. 

Banksy, who has a history of using his artistic talents to showcase social and political issues, just created a new mural highlighting this crisis in Calais. People spotted the work on Saturday.

The mural, which was drawn near the French embassy in London, depicts Cosette from the musical Les Miserables. In it, the girl has tears streaming down her face, while surrounded by the emissions from a teargas can.

Accompanying the work is a QR code for a video showing a teargas raid against the migrants in January.


Here is the incredible mural.

Although British officials covered the mural with boards on Monday, it is rumored that the building developers might attempt to preserve it in the future.

Providing aid to migrants in France can be done through donations, with the help of organizations like UNICEF and the Red Cross, and by lobbying world leaders to help.


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