9 Moments From The Baltimore Riots That Have Inspired Us

It is not all flames and bricks.

In the last 48 hours, a violent scene has unfolded in Baltimore, Maryland.

After nearly eight days of peaceful protesting, tensions bubbled over and looters, rioters and local law enforcement came to blows, leaving many stores and property with serious damage. Across local and national news agencies, people have both condemned the riots and implored America to stay focused on the pleas from the peaceful protestors.

"That is not a protest," President Barack Obama said in a press conference this morning. "That is not a statement... it's a handful of people taking advantage of a situation." 

This is a nuanced and complex story, and while this community tries to find a way to heal, police, citizens and lawmakers alike are coming together to put the pieces back together. 

Below, we have nine instances of such healing, instances we hope can create positive momentum and continue to inspire change. 


1. A brave man protecting both police and protestors at once.

2. An officer and a young man having a healthy conversation.

3. The community coming together to clean up.

4. Even kids are joining the effort.

5. Some people got to work very early.

6. Plenty of protestors came together peacefully.

7. Mothers were out doing their due diligence.

8. One man apparently protected a convenience store on his own.

9. And, incredibly, another decided to dance through the protests.


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