Ballet's Tattooed Bad Boy's Angsty Dance To 'Take Me To The Church' Has Us Saying Amen

This dancer's fiery video is blowing up and everyone's about to know his name.

It's hard to take your eyes off this tattooed rebel dancer from the Ukraine.


His name is Sergei Polunin and his extraordinary dancing talent has been compared to the likes of Russian ballet dancer, Baryshnikov

Renown photographer David LaChapelle directed this video of Polunin dancing to Grammy nominated "Take Me To The Church" by Hozier. 

In a rebellious move he stunned the dance world by leaving the Royal Ballet in search of a different kind of life.

As one of the world's best, at 19, Polunin was the youngest principle dancer of the British Ballet. Full of angst, he rejected the restrictions that accompanied his career. He longed for a more carefree lifestyle. The day after he quit, he spent the night in a tattoo parlour. 

Now at 25, he wants to take all that passion and channel it into an acting career.

He's already getting attention from some high profile names. Marc Jacobs recently starred Polunin in his 2014 fashion campaign and director Gus van Sant also photographed him. 

He's hoping to follow in the footsteps of actors Russell Crowe and Mickey Rourke and has already been meeting with Rourke

We're sensing a bad boy theme here and we like it.

While waiting for his big Hollywood role, he continues to mesmerize people as a kick-a$$ ballet dancer.

On October 9, 2014, Sergei Polunin debuted as "Spartacus" in a Russian ballet theatre.  

We can't for him to bring all that rebellion and intensity to the big screen someday. 

Watch Polunin dance to 'Take Me To The Church' below and he'll having you saying 'Amen.'


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