Watch Baby Bald Eagles Hatching As Parents Stand Guard

Fresh out of their shells.

We get a bird's eye view when a camera catches a bald eagle mom in her nest, laying on her eggs.


Bald eagles mate for life. Every year, the couples build a massive stick nest and hatch a pair of eggs.

The daddy flies in, protectively standing guard while reinforcing the nest with big sticks.

As the mom stands, we get to see the sweet little baby eagle come out of her shell.

But it doesn't stop there. A second baby hatches, completing their happy family.

Bald eagles are a wildlife success story. At one point, they were dying off in staggering numbers due to overhunting and DDT pesticide use which was popular up until the early 70s. 

Thanks to reintroduction programs, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has upgraded the birds from endangered to threatened. A step in the right direction. 

Get a bird's eye view in the videos below.

With awareness, hopefully their numbers will keep increasing and one day bald eagles will also be removed from the "threatened list." Don't forget to share. 


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