Thanks To A 'Bald' Cinderella, 5-Year-Old Isabella Is Closer To Her Fairy Tale Ending

Sometimes the best fairy tale endings are just learning to love yourself as you are.

Isabella, a Disney-princess loving 5-year-old, got the surprise of a lifetime this month that nobody saw coming.

Diagnosed with leukemia back in January 2013, Isabella faced many obstacles kids shouldn't have to face. But just when her family thought she was cancer-free, the cancer came back September of this year, and her treatment became more vigourous than ever.

The port that normally goes in cancer patients' chests had to go into her head. And to top it off, Isabella knew she'd lose her hair again. 

"It grows back, we'd try to reinforce that," Pina Harvey, Isabella's mother, told A+ in a phone interview, but Isabella wasn't convinced.

She was tired, in pain and not feeling as beautiful as the princessess she looked up to, her mother, Pina Harvey, told A+.

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Little did Isabella know, though, that Gianna's Nicole's Heart of Hope, a foundation that works to support pediatric cancer patients, had planned a princess photo session especially for her. 

Gianna Nicole had asked Alana Hubbard, a photographer from Mother Hubbard Photography who partnered with Bella Princess LLC, who organizes Princess Parties, to shoot the session which would take place at The Oakeside Mansion in Bloomfield, NJ. 

But the real surprise came when Isabella saw Cinderella appear. Just like Isabella, she was bald. Bella Princess and Alana decided to take the surprise shoot a step further by asking their performer, Chelsea Knutson, to wear a cap.

She happily obliged. 

Alana told A+ that when Isabella saw the Cinderella that looked like her, she froze. She hadn't wanted to take her hat off at the fundraiser, but at that moment everything changed.

"Her face lit up," Alana said. "Then, she took her hat off."

Alana then snapped the photos that have since went viral on the internet. Both Alana and mom Pina say that her newfound attention from the shoot has helped her self-esteem even more.

"She's even more confident," Alana said. "She feels like a celebrity."

As for Pina, she's just happy that this experience has helped her daughter stay postive and feel as pretty as a princess, who now looks just like her.

"It's nice as a parent," she told A+. "Hair is hair. I want my daughter to feel the same way."



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