Doctors Told This Ballerina To Keep Dancing. And That's Why She's Unstoppable.

A breathtaking story.

Maggie Kudira is a beautiful and elegant ballerina. She's been dancing since she was four years old and finally realized her dream of dancing with the Joffrey Concert Group.  She became a professional ballerina who trained for six hours a day in New York City.


Here’s a video of her performing the White Swan pas de deux from "Swan Lake."

Unfortunately, at only 23 years old, Maggie is now battling Stage 4 breast Cancer. This has put an indefinite hold on her career, but she is not letting cancer stop her from dancing. She has launched a social media campaign: The Bald Ballerina. The campaign began as a Facebook page for sharing updates with family and friends about her health situation. But Bald Ballerina quickly turned into so much more.

Maggie is making the most of her reach and is using the Bald Ballerina social media campaign as a platform to raise awareness and money to help cover her exorbitant medical costs.

She explains this on her Facebook page:

Because Stage 4 breast cancer is incurable, I will remain on medications for the rest of my life or until a cure is found. The cost of these medications is enormous: $4,000 to $9,000 per dose, per drug. I am hoping to join a clinical trial testing a treatment that will keep my cancer from returning. Presently, this is my best option.

You can donate to the Bald Ballerina fund and help Maggie win her battle again breast cancer. 

She hopes her story and social media presence will help spread breast cancer awareness, so she has made a habit of posting monthly reminders advising women to do self-checks.

"Please remember," she recently posted on her Facebook. "No one is too young, no one is too fit, no one is immune."

Click here or here to donate. 


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