7-Year-Old Zumba Instructor Dances His Heart Out To Beyoncé On 'The Ellen Show'

Rocked it out.

Last time Balang, a young dancer from the Philippines, showed up on "The Ellen Show," he wowed audiences with his killer dance moves and charismatic attitude. 

His first performance, set to "Bang Bang" by artists Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Jessie J, ended with a split that sent audiences to their feet, roaring with applause.

Now, this sassy 7-year-old is back, willing and able to give another stellar performance in front of Ellen DeGeneres and a large audience.

In an interview prior to his performance, all uploaded to YouTube, DeGeneres asks Balang how he's been spending his time since they last spoke. 

"He still teaches [others] Zumba [so that we can] become healthy again," his translator tells Ellen. With the limited money he's earned as an instructor, Balang purchased a bike for some extra exercise.

After their chat, Balang took the side stage atop an elevated platform to perform Beyoncé's "Single Ladies. Of course, he rocked his signature fedora with a collared shirt and suspenders. 


This isn't the first time Ellen has featured young dancers on her show. Not only are they incredibly talented, but their energy has the potential to brighten anyone's day.

For instance, 4-year-old Heaven and her mother went viral with their "7/11" performance and two twin sisters performed a gorgeous Sam Smith melody that captivated all those listening.

These kids never cease to amaze.

Be sure to watch Balang's full performance below:


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