Meet The 86-Year-Old Grandma Who Will Steal Your Boyfriend

Swag has no age limit.

This is Baddie, an 86-year-old from Williamstown, Kentucky who is also a prominent Internet superstar.


Her attitude is all about being fierce, no matter the age.

In the olden days, Baddie was a hottie. And she refuses to stop.

Her age-defying posts include twerking, wearing snapbacks, dancing to rap songs, and chilling by the pool.

"Don't drake and drive," Baddie advises.

This whole idea of setting up a social media account was born when Baddie was hanging out with her great-granddaughter.

Now she has more than 630,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter combined.

Girls, lock your boyfriends. Baddie is in town!

Haters gonna hate, but Baddie will stay awesome no matter what anyone says.

Baddie has no candy. She IS the candy.

Just listen to these words of wisdom. Gold!

To keep up with Baddie Winkle's adventures (the question is CAN you keep up with her?), follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

(H/T: Playboy)

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