One Tiny Change Made This Bike Impossible To Ride... Even If You Were Paid To Do It

Now THAT is trippy.

If something is as easy as riding a bike, how easy is it really?

In the case of this bicycle, it's damn near impossible. 

SmarterEveryDay has made a habit out of bending our minds, but this is one of their coolest experiments yet. Destin, the host of their YouTube channel, stumbled upon it when a group of welders in his shop bet him that he couldn't ride a special bicycle they had designed.

The bike is normal except for one simple thing: the handlebars do the opposite of what they're supposed to. Turn to the right, and the wheel goes left; turn to the left, and the wheel goes right. 

Intrigued by this simple alteration — and how difficult it was to conquer —  Destin spent eight month learning how to ride the new bike, practicing every day. When he finally mastered it, though, he made another, even more stunning discovery: he forgot how to ride a regular bike. 

"I learned that welders are often smarter than engineers," Destin reflects at the end of the video. "I learned that knowledge does not equal understanding, and I learned that truth is truth no matter what I think about it, so be very careful about how you interpret things because you're looking at the world with a bias whether you think you are or not."

To be sure, this ingenious experiment offers a fascinating window into how our brain's work.


Check out Dustin's mind-boggling revelation below:


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