Guy Snaps Selfies Of Himself "Celebrating" A Bachelor Party Alone, Reunites With The Groom After The Party Is Over

"Chicago for one."

Urban dictionary defines a bachelor party as a party where the groom — accompanied by his closest male friends — "celebrates things he won't be allowed to do once he is married, some of them being entertained by attractive naked women, consuming large amounts of adult beverages, and acting in a manor that would never be displayed in front of his bride." So when Robert Chernow flew to Chicago for his buddy's bachelor party, he most likely expected to spend some quality time with his boys.

However, that wasn't quite what he got.


All Robert's friends had their flight canceled, so he was the only one who made it to the bachelor party.

"Apparently everyone in my section also tried to take Delta to get here," he writes on Instagram.

"Thanks [Jake] for not coming to your bachelor party. Now I can pick any horse that I want."

Spa for one.

Yep. Bachelor party memories in the making.

So Robert turned to Tinder for help ...

"First time using Tinder. Fingers crossed," he explained on Instagram. 

The response was everything we ever hoped for ...

Things get real. Real quick.

Perhaps it's time to move on to some sightseeing ...

"Both my hotel concierge Alex and new friends on Tinder agree — The Bean at Millennial Park is a must for a great photo-shoot. 'It's the perfect for spot for a wacky photo with all your friends in front of the Chicago Skyline.'"

... and getting a taste of local specialties.

"This is Theresa. She works at Portillo's (which I've been told on Tinder has the best Italian beef sandwich in town). According to Theresa, 'these sandwiches are normally meant to be shared, but you seem sad enough to finish one by yourself'. Thanks, Theresa!"

"This is Aryana. She assures me that 'the bus will be here soon. Just wait.' ... I've heard that one before."

This isn't his day, really.

"My Uber driver, Rafael, recommended Whirlyball. [...] Unfortunately, he forgot to tell me you need other people to play."

"The show must go on."

But real friends wouldn't leave their mate hanging like that.

Just look at that grin on Robert's face. 

Finally reunited: after more than 40 hours, Jake the bachelor finally made his way to Chicago. 

Welcome to your own party, Jake. Even though it hasn't been entirely about you.

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