3-Year-Old's Babysitter Dresses In Mermaid Costume To Bring Her Joy After Her Father's Death

"I feel it is my responsibility to bring as much fun and joy into her childhood as I can."

When 3-year-old Alidy Clark's dad passed away this past November, she started dressing up in costumes every day. Her dad used to call her his "little princess" and the costumes help her cope with his death.

Alidy is especially fond of dressing up like Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid. Recently, her 15-year-old babysitter, Keegan Carnahan had an idea. She remembered she had a mermaid tail in her closet from a phase she went through a couple years ago and thought it would be fun to dress up with Alidy. 

Carnahan put on the the scaly, shimmery blue mermaid tail and told Alidy it was bath time. 

"She was extremely excited, smiling from ear to ear! She had complimented me on how beautiful my tail was and wanted me to splash around with her," Carnahan told A Plus. 


The adorable 3-year-old wasn't the only one happy about her babysitter's costume. "Jenna, her mom, loved it!" Carnahan said. "She thought it was adorable and had said that she had not seen Alidy that happy for months." 

Carnahan decided to tweet out some photos of her and Alidy's mermaid bath, and it quickly went viral. It has amassed over 18,000 retweets and over 32,000 likes on Twitter. Many Twitter users have commended Carnahan for being such a thoughtful babysitter. 

Jenna is Carnahan's father's assistant, and she often brings Alidy to work with her. "In turn, Alidy practically lives with my siblings and I. I generally help out when Jenna has to run errands or is busy doing something else," Carnahan said. "We play dress up and I'll pay guitar and piano for her. Her favorite game is 'potty jail' were she locks me or one of my siblings in our bathroom because the lock is on the outside of the door and she thinks that's pretty hilarious." 

Dressing up and playing games with Alidy clearly means a lot to her, and Carnahan's efforts show the importance of being thoughtful while babysitting. 

"I think regardless of the circumstances if someone is in the position to bring positivity into someone else's day or life they should make the best of it," Carnahan said. "My dad works a lot, so a decent chunk of my childhood has been spent with nannies or babysitters, some of which I've become genuinely close to because they decided that they wanted to go the extra mile to get to know me and care about me. They could have very easily been nothing more than someone telling me to clean my room and take their pay check. Alidy is a great kid who is going through her dad's death, something that is hard for adults to deal with. So, I feel it is my responsibility to bring as much fun and joy into her childhood as I can." 

We have a feeling Alidy will remember Carnahan for decades to come. 


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