This Baby's Reaction To Being Able To See Clearly For The First Time Is Everything

What a cutie!

Piper, 10 months old, is still discovering all the new things that life has to offer, but this time she has a particularly good reason to be in awe. Her mother Jessica Sinclair posted a video on Facebook of baby Piper's reaction to her new glasses and it reminded us of all the reasons babies literally have the best responses to, well, everything. 

At first, Piper did not want to have those weird, googly eyed things put on her.


But once they were, it dawned on her that she could suddenly see whole world crystal clear. (Cue Aladdin's "A Whole New World.")

According to Sinclair, Piper had difficulty crawling, so her pediatrician did an eye screening during a regular checkup, which led to her parents finding out that she was far-sighted. "A week later we picked up the glasses and she tried them on for a quick second in the office to make sure they fitted properly," Sinclair said. "Then we decided to go out to eat … and then this was her reaction of her first time being able to see our faces." 

Her eyes darting back and forth, baby Piper's amazement at how different the everything looked through her new prescription glasses was priceless.

Piper's parents were clearly delighted with her response. "Her reaction melts my heart," Sinclair wrote in the caption of the video post. She told local TV network WKRC that she hopes the video's success will help raise awareness about the importance of eye health, particularly for infants. 

Watch Piper's precious reaction here:


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