Babies React To Trying Lemons For The First Time In Slow Motion

So sour!

It's always a special moment when a baby tries a new food for the first time. The exception might be with lemons. BuzzFeed just released a new video with babies tasting lemons in slow motion for the first time. The result is absolutely hilarious.


This little one feels the sourness.

This baby feels betrayed by the lemon.

And this baby can’t believe it.

Citrus fruits, such as lemons, are packed with vitamins. However, they also contain high concentrations of citric acid. Your taste buds interpret this as sour.

As long as your child is not allergic to lemons or is not super sensitive to new foods, then you can give your baby lemons around eight to 10 months of age. Please watch your baby when they are trying a lemon, because as the video proves, it could be pretty funny.

Watch the full video:


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