Adorable Baby Loves Being Unwrapped So Much, He Throws His Hands Up In The Air

Being swaddled helps him sleep better, but he's always overjoyed to be unwrapped.

We may hate getting out from under the covers in the morning, but this baby very much loves it. 

Five-month-old Kaden — who's already got a beautiful head of hair, might we add — gets swaddled up like a tightly wrapped burrito each night before bed. And every morning he treats his parents with an adorable moment of pure joy. Kaden happily pops his hands up in the air immediately after being un-swaddled. 

His dad, Kent Siri, took video of Kaden's morning routine and posted it to Facebook where it went viral. It's been viewed over 13 million times and has been shared by more than 163,000 people. 

Siri recently created a YouTube channel for Kaden and re-shared the video there. "Kaden starts every day like a well-rested basketball player coming off the bench ... PUT ME IN, COACH!" he wrote in the caption. 

Because some people were concerned about whether Kaden is comfortable sleeping while swaddled, Siri added a note addressing this issue in the description of the video. 

"Kaden LOVES being swaddled," he wrote. "It provides him comfort and security when he sleeps. As many clinical professionals can attest, swaddling is very much a pediatrician-recommended method for soothing babies when they sleep. So long as the baby is not rolling over himself / herself, it's completely safe. Kaden has a strong startle reflex (also known as the Moro Reflex) which causes him to jolt a lot at night and wake himself up. Since we started swaddling him, he sleeps much better and he loves it." 

You can check out the video below.



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