Bottle-Fed Newborn Sloth Is Exactly What The World Needs Right Now

Everybody, stop everything.

Hold the phone. You heard right: A baby two-toed sloth named Edward was just born at the ZSL London Zoo, and he's as precious as they come. He's seven weeks old and is being hand-reared by staff at the zoo, as his mother was sadly unable to care for him. 

JUST LOOK AT HIM. He's so tired. 


Sloths are tropical animals that can be found in Central and South America. According to Live Science, their diet consists mainly of leaves digested through their four-part stomach. The digestion process for just one meal can take up to a month, and leaves' low nutrition value may be one reason these animals are so low energy. 

For now, baby Edward is nursing bottled goat's milk with a tiny bit of added vitamins every three hours.  He almost looks like a human baby when he drinks out of his little bottle... 

"If he's particularly hungry, he does a pretty unusual noise. It's kind of like a squeak sneeze. It's very strange, but very loud," says a caretaker.

The two-toed sloths are a little larger than their three-toed sloth counterparts, and typically grow to be about 23 to 27 inches, and can weigh up to about 19 pounds. 

Though, this little guy isn't quite there yet. 

So far he's been growing and gaining weight at a normal rate, and his caretakers hope that once he is able to feed himself, he can be reunited with his mother. 

Watch ZSL's full video below to see Edward in all his sleepy glory:

To learn more about sloths and how to protect them and their natural habitat visit websites like Sloth Sanctuary Costa Rica or the World Wildlife Fund. 

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