Think These 13 Half Human, Half Otter Babies Are Unsettling? Well There's More.

Oh no no no no no.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Zoo released a photo of their brand new baby otter triplets. Hold your awwws though. 

These guys look like old men who were supposed to be reincarnated as otters, except something went horribly wrong. Sure, they might be cute in a couple weeks, but right now they're the scariest things we've ever seen. 

We're trying to keep things in perspective though, which means reminding ourselves of all the other unsettling things out there in this crazy world of ours.

 Scroll down to see just what we mean.


1. Shower curtains that keep sticking to you.

2. All arachnids.

3. "Moist."

4. Raisins you thought were chocolate chips until surprise! raisins.

5. This jar of peanut butter.

6. The silence after Dora asks you a question and just stands there reading your soul.

Dora knows what you did.

7. This bear that thinks he's people.

8. This hand soap.

9. This hamster muffin creation. The ungodly hybrids must stop.

10. Googling "tiny holes."

11. This mustard vending machine.

12. Nemo on ice.

13. These quotation marks.

Nope, nothing makes us need to be held as much as these little guys. Welcome to the world, otters! We won't be able to sleep for days.

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