40 Unusual Baby Names Inspired By Real Places

Where's in a name?

Baby names can be inspired by pretty much anything — a favorite character in a book or movie, a musician, an artist, a teacher, or an inspirational figure. But some people opt to name their kids after the place they were conceived or born as a reminder of the significance of that time and location. 

Naming a baby after a place is not only an opportunity to give your child a beautifully unusual name, but to assign some unexpected meaning to a word. For example, the San Fernando neighborhood of Northridge might just be that Californian suburb you frequented the mall in high school, but imagine a person named "Northridge." Sounds kinda powerful, right? 

Just try it on for size: 

"We'd like to invite Northridge to the podium." "Northridge is our most eligible bachelor" "Northridge, would you mind if we stored your Nobel Peace Prize in this display cabinet instead?"

Here's a list of our favorite baby names, culled from, you know, the world. We categorized them into 20 girl and 20 boy names as suggestions, but most can be applied to either gender, of course. 


Baby Girl Names

1. Aberdeen (Scotland)

2. Afton (Oklahoma)
3. Aurora (Colorado)

4. Bayonne (New Jersey)

5. Beckley (West Virginia)

6. Dacca (Bangladesh)

7. Dilijan (Armenia) 

8. Ely (England) 

9. Ewa (Hawaii)

10. Geneva (Switzerland)

Patras, Greece 

11. Helena (Montana)

12. Mirria (Niger) 

13. Odessa (Ukraine)

14. Okara (Pakistan) 

15. Patras (Greece) 

16. Peyton (Colorado)

17. Pula (Croatia) 

18. Saran (Kazakhstan)

19. Tirana (Albania) 

20. Verona (Italy)

Baby Boy Names

1. Albany (New York)

2. Boston (Massachusetts)

3. Bronx (New York)

4. Cairo (Egypt) 

5. Concord (California) 

6. Dallas (Texas)

7. Dalvík (Iceland) 

8. Dover (England) 

9. Encino, California 

10. Everett (Washington)

Dalvík, Iceland 

11. Fargo (North Dakota) 

12. Kent (England)

13. Kingston (Ontario) 

14. Macau (China) 

15. Nevada (America)  

16. Melbourne (Australia)

17. Oran (Algeria)

18. Oxford (England) 

19. Trenton (New Jersey)

20. York (England)


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