This Just-Born Baby Gorilla Looks Freakishly Human

Those lil' hands!

Last March, a female gorilla was born by a rare emergency cesarean section at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.


According to the zoo's Flickr, the baby gorilla was born full-term to 18-year-old Imani, and weighed 4.6 pounds.

"In retrospect the c-section was the right decision," said Nadine Lamberski, Associate Director of Veterinary Services at the zoo, on their Flickr. "We think the health of the fetus would have been compromised if we delayed surgery any longer." 

It's kinda freaky how much she looks just like a human baby.

...or an old man. 

Seriously though, it's disgusting how precious this thing is.

NBC San Diego reports the baby gorilla later underwent a procedure to remedy a collapsed lung, and the surgery was successful. 

Watch the video of the newly born baby below:

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