This Baby Elephant Wants To Cuddle More Than Anything Else In The World


When travelers Arthur and Vivian went to Chiang Mail, Thailand from Toronto, Canada back in 2012, they probably didn't expect to meet a best friend at the Patara Elephant Farm. 

But when Arthur was introduced to Tara, a two-month-old elephant calf, it was a match made in heaven. 


Arthur calls Tara over, and they instantly hug.

But Tara wants a little more. She wants to cuddle forever and ever.

According to the YouTube video description, Patara Elephant Farm focuses on the healthcare and breeding of endangered elephants, and aids "the recovery process for elephants injured by mine bombs — tourists come second."

The farm also allows visitors to become "elephant owners for a day," meaning visitors can interact with the animals and learn exactly what it takes to care for them.  

Vivian's YouTube description goes on to say: 

When we arrived, we really had to work hard and learn what it meant to take care of these amazing creatures. This included feeding the elephants their daily meals, inspecting and squeezing out the water from fresh stool, bathing, scrubbing and washing the elephants in the river, and finally exercising the elephants in the jungle. 

It was at the end of our day which we had the unique opportunity to play with a two month old female calf named Tara. As soon as she heard Arthur calling her, she ran over and cuddled with him non-stop. It was an adorable and unforgettable experience. 

Watch the full video below:

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