Cake Stands No Chance Against Baby And Her First Birthday Celebration

You ate the whole thing?!?

While we don't recommend eating this much cake on the reg, this baby isn't listening to us at all.


Besides, it's her first birthday and she's going to eat all the cake that she wants to.

It didn't quite start out like this though.

At first she's just all like, "What is this? Get this out of my face."

But once she understands what this whole chocolate thing is about, it's lights out for the cake.

The face of discovery.

Yep, that's some top rated chocolate right there. Pretty amazing stuff.

We're not judging, go for it baby. Don't get a tummy ache though!

Is this not what dreams are made of? Just sticking your entire face into your own cake?

"Clean up on isle baby!"

Watch this baby get her cake game on below.


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