Baby Appears On The Ellen Show To Climb Up A Rock Wall Like Nobody's Business

This is really happening.

Not that we can really remember, but we think it's safe to assume that when most of us were just 8 months old, we weren't climbing up rock walls in our diapers. 

And it's also safe to assume that most of us, at just a year old, were not appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres show to awe the audience with our superhuman skills.


But 1-year-old Ellie did just that.

In an interview on DeGeneres' show, Ellie's mother explains that her baby's first time at the rock climbing gym was when she was just two weeks old. She hadn't even started walking yet.

Ellen, in complete shock, points out how amazing it is that Ellie can analyze the wall based off where she needs to go, where she may have taken a wrong turn, and how can get to the top.

To which Ellie's mother adds: "To see her actually go through the thought process of figuring out where to put your hand, where to put your foot, and taking her time and not getting frustrated... was really impressive to me, personally." 

Ellie's dad also reassures the audience that they're always right behind Ellie to spot and catch her if need be. 

Though she doesn't look like she needs any help.

When Ellie sees the rock wall, she yells with excitement and runs over to it like a total natural.

And then there she goes, taking a couple moments to turn and smile as the audience applauds.

Easy peasy. Be sure to watch the full video below:


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