Covering Baby's Bums With Peaches Is The Latest Cheeky Photo Trend

Life's just peachy.

It doesn't take much to create a viral photo trend. You just need something that is cute, fairly simple to recreate and funny.


And apparently you need some fruit, too.

At least that is the case with the latest popular photo trend. 

Japanese printing company Kodomono ran a photo competition asking parents to send in pictures of their babies. A few clever parents used peaches to cover their baby's bottoms in the photos. Other users liked what they saw, and lo and behold,  a social media trend was born.

Parents are trying out the cheeky photos for themselves, and the results are equal parts funny and cute.

Some parents have even been inspired to use different pieces of fruit.

Take a look at some of the peachy keen photos:

Who needs to use a peach emoji when you can use the actual fruit?

The peach baby bum photo trend isn't just adorable, it's a great way for parents to document their kids' life in a creative and fun way. 

Perhaps when peaches go out of season, we'll see the pomegranate bum trend take off.

(H/T: Made For Mums)


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