These Toddlers Just Want To Find Love In Jimmy Kimmel's 'Baby Bachelorette'

"Ethan might be too young to get married."

A few years ago, Jimmy Kimmel helped his nephew Wesley find love on "The Baby Bachelor," a fresh new take on ABC's reality dating series in which everyone involved was a toddler. According to Jimmy, Wesley is "engaged to be married in the year 2033." 

With The Bachelorette starting up again, Jimmy decided to expand the franchise by producing "The Baby Bachelorette," and he premiered the first episode last night.

This year's toddler looking for love is 4-year-old Bianca. In this episode, she greets each of her suitors as they exit a limo. As is the case on the grown-up version, not all of the contestants make a great first impression. Take, for example, 23-month-old hedge fund manager Ethan. In Bianca's own words, "It seems like he likes rocks more than girls."

Of course, it wouldn't be an episode of The Bachelorette, no matter the age, without one of the contestants going a little overboard with his entrance. In this case, it's Dylan, who shows up in a full Captain America costume.


In the end, the final unicorn ceremony comes down to preschool dropout Alex and the very sweet Manny. Will Bianca go for the bad boy or the nice guy? Find out below:


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