Aziz Ansari's Take On Racism Might Make Him Your Favorite Comedian


Aziz Ansari never thought he'd get into a Twitter fight with Rupert Murdoch, but it happened.

The comedian, who was born in South Carolina to a Tamil Muslim family, stumbled across a few of Rupert Murdoch's tweets not long ago. Some of which contained gems like this:


Ansari saw the moment as both an opportunity for comedic genius and for political commentary. So he began tweeting at Rupert Murdoch, assigning him "responsibility" for "bad things" that some white Christians have been responsible for. Some of our favorites include:

Ansari's tweets went on for a while, and eventually many of his followers joined in and gave his response national attention. The exchange came up when Ansari went on "The Late Show With David Letterman" this week, and in the video above you can hear him explain his motivation. It's pretty spot-on.

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