16 Families Relive Their Greatest And Derpiest Moments With Before-And-After Photo Shoots

That moment when "awww" turns into "ughhh."

A family's history is made up of priceless, cherished, and, of course, cringeworthy moments. Luckily, many families have cameras poised at the ready for such occasions — and are even willing to recreate them years later

These 16 hilarious family photos haven't exactly stood the test of time, but they still score major #SquadGoal points for trying: 


1. They might've aged, but "Look Ma, no hands!" never gets old.

2. This family shared a meal so happy it lasted 29 years.

3. Ain't no mountain high enough, no river wide enough, no box small enough to keep these sisters apart.

4. Please enjoy this rare look at Dwight Schrute's extended family.

5. One of these sib-things is not like the others...

6. These gals aren't clowning around with this picture perfect recreation.

7. This family had a happy — if scantily clad — Halloween. (At least, we hope that's why they're dressed like that.)

8. Some things never change...no matter how much you want them to.

9. Only two words can describe this family: fashion forward.

10. #LakeSquadGoals. 'Nuff said.

11. These guys bring a whole new meaning to "Brother Bear."

12. This year, the real Christmas miracle was getting everyone to agree to take this picture.

13. No matter the time or place, these brothers will always "band" together.

14. The family that cries at birthdays together stays together.

15. You can't spell superman without the "m" in "Mom put us up to this."

16. That moment when "awwww" turns into "uhhhhh."


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