You Need This Real Weather-Predicting Box In Your House Right Now

It simulates clouds, rain and lightning instead of the usual boring 10-day forecast.

We're obsessive creatures when it comes to the weather. We plan our days around it, we do everything we can to control it and it's our go-to small talk when there's nothing to say. Software engineer Ken Kawamoto likely knows this better than most, which must be why he invented Tempescope, billed as an "ambient weather display for your home" inside a sleek box that looks something like a lava lamp.

Tempescope pulls weather forecasts from the Internet and then shows you exactly what it's going to be like tomorrow or the current weather in another location. It can simulate rain, clouds and lightning (no snow yet, unfortunately), making your OCD weather check significantly easier and more interesting than it used to be.

See what it looks like in action:




Rain and clouds!

Go to work, little box. Go to work.

Check out a full video of the product here:

Tempescope will be available starting in August — learn more about your newest party trick on the official website.

(H/T: Bored Panda)


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