This Commercial About Dads And Daughters Has A Twist... And It's Perfect

You won't believe what he says, but you'll love it.

There are few ad campaigns that really have their fingers on the pulse of social and cultural concerns, but this commercial by Avon knows exactly what it wants to say about the responsibilities incumbent upon fathers... and it isn't shy about saying it in a very unexpected way.

As part of its Beauty for a Purpose campaign, Avon is "celebrating Father's Day as an opportunity to empower daughters, everywhere."

The commercial kicks off a social media campaign that asks Dads to sign a pledge that they hope will help create change and empower women.

The pledge reads:

"We believe in the best possible futures for our daughters.

A future where they don't just feel equal to their brothers – they ARE equal.

A future where women are empowered to follow their dreams, and they enjoy the journey.

We are men, we are husbands, we are fathers, and we are brothers. We pledge to stand firm and stand together for all Daughters, everywhere."


The purpose of the pledge is described in the YouTube video's description, where Avon states that, 

"If we want to create a world in which more women are empowered, we need everyone's support — Dad included. So this year, we are asking fathers who want the most for their daughters to sign our Father's Day Pledge. Join the conversation with #ThanksDadForSaying or ask your dad to join in with #MyDaughterCan. It's a way of saying that together, we can raise the bar for girls and women around the world who dream of equality — whether it's in on a playing field or in a conference room."

The commercial's power lies in its ability to speak plainly and truthfully in a very surprising way.

You'll see what we mean.

You can join Avon's campaign by sending the pledge to the dads in your life and by using the hashtages #ThanksDadForSaying and #MyDaughterCan.

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