Things Get Hilariously Awkward As Girl Goes Full Blown Beyoncé At Her Office

We're waiting on the self-titled, introspective album :/

Beyoncé is a goddess living on Earth. This we can't deny. Everything she does, is always such perfection... or rather "Flawless."


From her music videos to her and Blue's adorable relationship...

To her magnificent performances. So fierce.

But what would happen if we were Beyoncé? Could we pull off everything she does or would we look just plain silly and awkward doing it? As we will see, sometimes the extravagance is better left in the hands of the professionals.

Making a bold statement in a leotard might be kind of hard in the middle of a busy office.

Cut off jean shorts might not be the most appropriate attire at work.

We're not quite sure if this is the best way to do a presentation. Words might get mumbled through the mask...

And even when we try, we waking up "Flawless" is a lot harder than it looks.

Well, us mere mortals will continue to try anyway. Watch the hilarious video below. Don't worry Ashley, we think you're pretty flawless!


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