Ellen's 'Average Andy' Tries Learning Gymnastics From Olympian Simone Biles And It's One Big Heartwarming Fail

"Is it harder than it looks?"

In a segment Ellen DeGeneres calls "Average Andy," executive producer Andy Lassner pairs up with people who are the best in their field to see if he can do what they do. 

So far, Michael Phelps and Ronda Rousey have both tried teaching Andy swimming and MMA, respectively, and now Simone Biles is taking her turn to show Andy a thing or two on the gymnastics beam.

But things don't go quite as planned for Andy, who finds it difficult to balance on the beam, falling off left and right while Biles stands stoically. 

"Is it harder than it looks?" Biles asks Andy.

"It's a lot harder," he replies. 


And while Andy doesn't exactly give a star performance, there is something to be said about putting in the effort to try new things — after all, it may lead to something you love. 

Check out Andy's heartwarming attempt at the balance beam in the full video below:


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