Jimmy Kimmel Tests How Well The 'Avengers' Cast Knows Each Other

From embarrassing moments to secret talents.

Jimmy Kimmel welcomed stars of Avengers: Infinity War on his show Tuesday night, and he couldn't resist challenging them to a little trivia game. Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston, Danai Gurira, and Dave Bautista all sat down to play "Guess the Avenger" and test how well they really know each other.

Kimmel read out an interesting or unexpected fact about one of the five actors, and each of them was challenged to guess who it applied to. These facts ranged from embarrassing moments to secret talents. "This Avenger flashed a stranger in an airplane bathroom," the host read out to start. 


The clue led to Scarlett Johansson telling a cringeworthy story about forgetting to lock the bathroom door during a flight. "It was unintentional," she made clear, prompting Kimmel to ask, "Is that technically flashing if it's unintentional?" For the purposes of the game, we'll say it is.

The game also prompted Tom Hiddleston to show off his talent for playing spoons, which he apparently learned in a bar. Meanwhile, everyone seemed to have an easy time guessing which cast member lost their virginity "on the second hole of a golf course in Virginia Beach."

Find out who it was in the video below:


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