When This Little Girl Speaks To Her Mother, It's Not Your Average Conversation

Ava also happens to be adorable...

Even though this little girl is deaf, she's incredibly communicative. In fact, at just 24 months, she's more verbal than many other children her age.  

Ava started learning sign language early because her mother is also deaf. Her parents knew British Sign Language (BSL) before she was born.

Her ability to express herself allows her to be inquisitive and to connect with the people in her life. In the video above, you'll see her ask questions about family members, nature and food, all in the most adorable way possible. And, like all two year-olds, she has a wonderfully random sense of humor. (Notice how hard she laughs when she and her mother discuss the fact that she's two years old.)

And it's amazing how many words Ava already knew at just 14 months, as you'll see in the video below.


(H/T: 22 Words


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